Welcome to Hops & Malts Microbrewery!

We are a Brew-On-Premises Microbrewery, meaning we let
you brew your own fantastic quality beer using our commercial
grade facilities, ingredients and expertise. You will be amazed
how easy it is to make any of our 160+ beer varieties!


Better than the bottle shop:

- Save 30-50% off regular prices

- Your beer is always fresh

- No chemicals

- No preservatives

- Support Local business not a Corporate giant

- 160+ beers to choose from!


Better than the Home Brewing:

- No upfront equipment cost

- Less fuss and mess

- No cleaning up

- Commercial grade ingredients and equipment

- Consistent results every time

- Better quality, taste and clarity


Planning a party or event?

- Best value keg hire on the North Side of Brisbane!

- Hire costs between $66 and $140 (excluding Beer)

- Pick up Friday or Saturday

- Return by C.O.B Monday

- Book at least 14 days in advance

- 160+ beers to choose from!


We Brew more than


Litres of Beer per Year!

We have over


styles of Beer to choose from!

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